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Black Holes - Not So Black Hearted?

Maybe this is one of the new stories I'm sticking with..

So, supposedly, as I've read, the black hole came before the galaxy.
Scientist used radio waves to view back 1-2million years after the so called "Big Bang"
and found four super massive black holes. Which stirs up the questioning of the galaxy coming first.
Apparently, all this points to the Black Holes being first.

NOW - this is where my mind wonders off, and I start building a theory.

  • I recently read an article about 2 stars forming around a black hole, in the Milky Way maybe, I'm not sure exactly - it was late, and I was tired.
So, this brings me to the theory that maybe.. stick with me...
The black holes don't only suck in things to their demise: the create things.
Gases, or something swarming around headed for that black massive hole, created the stars. [I don't know if they were being sucked in or not..]
Well, what if the four [4] massive black holes before the Milky Way, created the milky way? [Yeh, this is definitely bogus!] I mean, how else does the Milky Way pop up. I mean.. if the black hole was here first - why didn't the galaxy get sucked up? Why isn't everything sucked up now.

I think we have the black hole down to an extent.. but
not nailed down. Yeah, my above theory isn't exactly up to par,
it was just playing around with thoughts that filled my head..
you have to release them somehow.
But still, there are big mysteries about these big black "destructive" holes.
But how can we claim so much about them - when we barely know anything.
Except for "oh, they suck things up"... to where? Who knows.

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Hermster said...

Wow, I really like your blog Josiah...The ancients understood that all light is finite. All fires burn out, all suns stars etc..All matter (earths, moons, suns, stars) are finite as well. What we're left with is darkness, and darkness is infinite, eternal...How did the Mayan know about the black hole in the center of our the milky way? Our scientist have only recently discovered this. Anyway, I'll be checking in to read your blog often, for sure.

Chris Geden said...

My theory is that black holes are not black "holes" They super dense particles, formed from collapsing stars, that reach a tipping point and create an intense gravitational field, which begins to compress infinitely. Thus creating an ever increasing gravitational effect towards itself. This anomaly will wonder the universe, absorbing everything in its path along with others like it until there is no more matter left. Then you could theorise that these super dense particles could be attracted to each other at the speed of light and eventually collide to form a "big bang" thus started the infinite process again. Again a quick theory which I thought would be a more realistic approach, rather than thinking of it as a magical worm hole that goes into nothingness.

Josiah [Judgement] said...

That is interesting. Something I'll definitely have to see about looking more into. That brings on the hole "History Repeats itself" thing, as I've increasingly noticed other theories are doing as well.


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