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Ice Age? We Can Survive It.

If we could survive the last ice age, why couldn't we again?
Or would it be the end of the world..

Yeah, it's true. There's finally a date we can all stick with when predicting when the last ice age was. A Danish ice driller project has gave us light on the subject.

Study shows that the ice age ended, or withdrew precisely 11,711 years ago which allowed life to continue to grow at an easier pace.
Jorgen Peder Steffensen, of the Center for Ice and Climate at NBI says, “Our new, extremely detailed data from the examination of the ice cores shows that in the transition from the ice age to our current warm, interglacial period the climate shift is so sudden that it is as if a button was pressed."

So what might have caused that certain button to be pressed? It was SO sudden.. Maybe it was another pole shift [what if it doesn't take 100 years]. From North to South, and South to North. The one that lead to the climate life we have all been living since 11,711 years ago. Having our North in the "north" and the South in the "south".

After the last ice age, people and animals adapted, and for some reason seemed to be much more civilized. Thought he ice age caused probably... tons to die - it awoken us, humanity, and see what we have become out of it all. Maybe there will be a pole shift in 2012 and the ice age will come once again: but we can survive - and we will survive. Our technology demolishes that of which it was for us 11,711 years ago. If we could do it then, we shall do it again. And who knows, maybe afterwords, probably 11,711 years later - we will be smarter, and use more that 10% of our minds.

Look for the good in things, rather than the bad. The media changes us all. Do research, make your own assumptions. Don't assume the end of the world without looking into it yourself.

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Anonymous said...

the pole shift is a very really threat.. i do believe that its happening as we speak. because of all the recently earth quakes and tsunamis..
we must survive what will happen in 2012, by understanding this. December 21 2012 is going to happen we just nee to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think this is all a load of nonsense, but your site about how to survive has entertained me and my friend a lot. Thank you for a very funny afternoon. Keep it up with your defeatism, doom thinking and catastrophizing.

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