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Earth: Not One core... but two?
Basically two anyways. It's not 100% sure yet,
but it could be likely. There is a new theory stating an add on to the old theory:
the ancient collision that happened approximately 4.45 billion years ago, when a mars-sized object hit Earth causing debris to fling up and formed the moon.

This new theory says that not only did the debris perhaps create the moon, but also - believing that the Earth was still young and mostly molten, the mars-sized object wedged down to the inner core of the Earth where it could still remain.
Though some scientist are claiming that the force of the earth would have crushed them into one big core, it may still be possible that they are touching each other, or seperate from one another, yet still in the Earth.
The Earth's core is a hard place to study.. since we kind of can't go there.
But I'm sure time will tell as technology advances!


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